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2015 Acura TL Redesign and Spy Shots

2015 Acura TL Redesign and Spy Shots | Reviewed by cars2015 on | Rating: 4.5

After officially released the previous series, a lot of rumors circulating about the 2015 Acura TL redesign.

2015 Acura TL can become one of the cars that are waited by lots of people in the world. All people really want to know the new performance and new features from this new Honda product. Honda as we know always develop the technology so they will create best car with high technology features and system. When you search the news about Acura TL for 2015, you will get limited information because Honda doesn’t tell detail information about this car yet. So, what we can predict about this car? Here, you will be able to know information and prediction about some features and technical specs in this new Acura TL.

2015 Acura TL Redesign 2015 Acura TL Redesign and Spy Shots

Learn more about the 2015 Acura TL redesign with comprehensive release date info, review, specs & incentives, safety data, MPG, car photos, price & more.

2015 Acura TL Technical Specification
2015 Acura TL is called as the future luxury car from Honda. That is why so many people want to know more about this car. From some sources, we know that the latest Acura TL will use Earth Dream 3.5 L with V6 engine system and it is luxury 4-door type of car. Acura TL is also predicted to have two engine system variants. Acura TL is made in hybrid series too. The hybrid version of this car will offer best fuel economy system that will make all people save more their fuel and also their money. By using this engine system, this car will produce 370Hp. This car is all wheel drive system vehicle type and there is 7-speed with dual clutch transmission that will help you to drive this car in more effective way. There is no clear detail information about the weight of this car and the length of this car. Some experts predict that this car will have similar length and weight with Acura 2014.

2015 Acura TL Design
How about the design of Acura TL? The design of the latest Acura is luxurious with 4 doors and the interior design is made with high quality material. In 2014, Honda will release some types of Acura too. You will get Acura NSX that is called as best electric car from Honda. The other type of Acura cars is Acura SUV RDX. This Acura RDX is completed with V6 engine system too that will become the best SUV for the future. You who are interested with luxurious car can wait for this car. You must wait until the end of 2014 or early 2015 because Honda will just release the newest Acura TL in early of 2015 or end of 2014. Honda doesn’t tell about the price of this car yet so, you better be patient to wait for 2015 Acura TL.

2015 Acura TL is the latest luxury car for all people in the world that will completed with hybrid version and fuel economy system.


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