2015 Ford Explorer Changes and Redesign

The new 2015 Ford Explorer is claimed a tough and powerful SUV car. This car has some improvements on the engine and appearance for better performance in the future.

There was a hot rumor that the upcoming 2015 Ford Explorer will be manufactured in China. Confirming this rumor, the staff from Ford stated that in 2015, China will take a part to produce some Ford prototypes. This is aimed to enlarge the market field for Ford cars in Asia and the surroundings.

2015 Ford Explorer Changes 2015 Ford Explorer Changes and Redesign

2015 Ford Explorer’s Power Support

The upcoming Ford Explorer that is rumored to be manufactured in China is expected running in more powerful engine than the previous series. To fulfill the expectation of the Ford fans and consumers, the manufacturer then prefers to use the new engine version. For the new Ford Explorer, the manufacturer uses 2.0-liter 4-cylinder EcoBoost engine. This engine fits very well to a tough SUV car like Ford Explorer. This engine is expected to develop more than 230 horsepower. It is very powerful, indeed. On the other hand, to support the high performance and smoother acceleration, this Ford Explorer uses automatic transmission. This car is considered fuel economical as well. The highway rating for the new Ford Explorer is about 30 miles per gallon. Further, there are some possibilities that Ford will take a chance of using hybrid engine in their new prototype.

2015 Ford Explorer’s Appearance
Ford also gives new features and installation to their new 2015 Ford Explorer vehicle. Ford adds some upgraded features inside the cabin. The passenger seats are upgraded with adjustable modes. Besides, the cabin is covered with high quality grayish cloth which makes it look more luxurious and modern. On the other hand, Ford also gives entertainment features to this car to make it more adorable to use. There is a touch screen display mounted in the dashboard which shows the direction connected to the satellite. Besides, this car is also supported with Bluetooth connectivity and internet on board. For the safety, this SUV car has been equipped with airbag system, seatbelt, and air brake system. Outside the cabin, you can see a tough and powerful car. Furthermore, this car is also completed with spacious baggage with automatic key lock system which can accommodate much stuff at once. The body is designed very well for new aerodynamic appearance. Definitely, this SUV car is considered a family transportation. This four-door car can accommodate 5 people at once. Thus, it is suitable for family tripping. The price offered for each 2015 Ford Explorer vehicle will be around $47,000 for the very standard type and $94,000 for the upgraded features and installation. This SUV car will be officially launched in 2014. Thus, the China manufacturer will be responsible for the next series rather than this 2015 series.


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