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2015 GMC Sierra HD and Denali

2015 GMC Sierra HD and Denali | Reviewed by cars2015 on | Rating: 4.5

After officially released the previous series, a lot of rumors circulating about the 2015 GMC Sierra release date.

The world of automotive is always full of interesting things when it comes to new cars that is about to be released sometime in the future. It can be said to be so because even if there is not any official information given by each manufacturer, there seems to be always a way to know about the development of new cars. The latest leaked information is known to be about a candidate of future car by GMC named 2015 GMC Sierra. Lately, this future car was spotted to be in a kind of weather testing. From this spotting, it is so certain that we can know a little bit about it, especially the exterior design that will be applied to it.

2015 GMC Sierra Release Date 2015 GMC Sierra HD and Denali

Exterior Design of 2015 GMC Sierra

If seen from the outside, it can generally be said that 2015 GMC Sierra actually owns a rather similar body design to its sibling, which is no other else but the latest series of this truck. If it is really so, it seems that when it is released this car will still have the tough yet stylish looking that makes it best ride. If we see the record of some previous series of Sierra, it is quite certain that this new one is also available to be used in heavy duty. It might be the reason why HD, which is the abbreviation of Heavy Duty, is the one that is also predicted to be available in the 2015 series. The rumor is even more specific because some names of the models are mentioned, such as 2500HD and also 3500HD.

The Engine of 2015 GMC Sierra
Other than the outer look of this gmc sierra, still there is actually one other thing which is also rumored to be given to this new series. The thing is nothing else but the engine that will adorn the new car later. For such a powerful car, it is so certain that great quality and of course powerful engine is the one that must be available. For the 2015 series, it is mentioned that V8 engine is the one that will be used for the base model of the series. With this engine, it is hoped that the 2015 GMC Sierra will really be a powerful car that is not only suitable to be used as a daily ride but is suitable to use to do heavy duty too.

Summary: 2015 GMC Sierra was spotted on a weather testing some time ago. From this spotting, the exterior look of this new car is seen quite clearly.


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