2015 Honda Accord Concept Release

2015 Honda Accord is considered the most luxurious sport sedan manufactured by Honda. For U.S market, Honda presents special feature which is the plug-in hybrid engine version.

Next year, Honda will release their new prototype of luxurious sedan which will be named 2015 Honda Accord. This new variant of sedan is designed to improve the performance and appearance of the latest Accord series. Actually, Accord is considered one of several Honda cars which always present quality over anything. So, no wonder if the consumers have high expectation toward the new Honda Accord.

2015 Honda Accord Concept 2015 Honda Accord Concept Release

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2015 Honda Accord’s New Plug-In Hybrid Engine Version
The new Honda Accord is expected to appear with new engine version. According to the trusted source, the upcoming Accord will be equipped with new plug-in hybrid engine. The new plug-in hybrid engine is claimed being able to improve the performance of the engine and cut the fuel consumption. The basic engine used by Honda Accord is the 2.4-liter 4-cylinder engine. This engine can develop 185 horsepower and enhance 181 lb-ft of torque. When the plug-in hybrid engine version is added, the new Honda Accord which will be launched next year can increase the power for more speed. Furthermore, the plug-in hybrid engine version can enhance the fuel consumption from the basic standard. The 240-volt battery pack can support 100 miles per gallon fuel consumption. It is quite crazy for a sedan car which uses plug-in hybrid engine supported with 6-speed manual transmission.

2015 Honda Accord’s Luxurious Sport Sedan Concept
Honda always put luxurious sedan concept towards Accord cars. They always maintain this concept up to the most recent Honda Accord variant. Actually, in their new 2015 Honda Accord, the producer and designer uses the same concept of luxurious sport sedan. To support the concept, the producer and designer add some new features. They are the LED headlights, rearview camera, Expanded View Driver’s Mirror. Besides, in the interior, Honda gives new cabin design. This car will be able to accommodate 5 people at once. The luxurious leather wrapped seats are available. Further, the entertainment and navigation system are embedded as well. In order to maintain the safety, the new Honda Accord is equipped with airbags system, seatbelt, 4-wheel air brake system, and parking sensors. The new 2015 Honda Accord will be officially available in the market place in the early of 2014. This model will replace the previous Honda Accord. According to some sources, the plug-in hybrid engine version will be available only in U.S market. However, it does not close the opportunity that someday the same engine version will be offered in other countries. Each prototype of the new Accord will be offered for $33,000 approximately.


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