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  • 2015 Honda Civic Release Date and Price

    The upcoming 2015 Honda Civic is expected to have more developed power compared to the previous series of Honda Civic. Besides, this car is also equipped with some upgraded features that can make this car more adorable to have.

    Late in 2014, Honda will launch their new SUV car which is named 2015 Honda Civic. As known, Honda has been producing Honda Civic since many years ago. Some modification and improvement has been used to enhance the quality and performance of the Civic series. Recently, in their new prototype, Honda wants to introduce the fastest and powerful Honda Civic ever.

    2015 Honda Civic Release Date 2015 Honda Civic Release Date and Price

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    2015 Honda Civic’s Powerful Engine
    Claimed having faster and more powerful performance, the upcoming Honda Civic appears with new upgraded engine. Honda installs new turbo petrol engine to their new Civic. The engine used is 2-liter turbo petrol engine. This engine is expected to develop more than 270 horsepower. In fact some sources agree that the upcoming Honda Civic can develop up to 300 horsepower with their new 2-liter turbo petrol engine. Meanwhile, the latest engine used by the previous Honda Civic can only provide 220 horsepower at the maximum. The upgraded turbo petrol engine is considered the best engine that fits to the sporty SUV like the new 2015 Honda Civic. Besides, to support the swift and smooth acceleration, Honda prefers to use 8-speed dual-clutch transmission over Honda Civic for 2014 market. On the other hand, the new Honda Civic uses front-wheel drive system to improve the high speed and more powerful performance.

    How 2015 Honda Civic Will Look Like
    The new Honda Civic variant which will be available in the marketplace in 2014 is designed with some improvements compared to the previous type. The new Civic has nicer steering wheel and spacious cabin. The cabin is covered with latte colored cloth. To make it balance, the passenger seats are also wrapped with latte colored leather. The touch screen for GPS navigation is mounted closely to the steering wheel. Under it, there is an AM/FM stereo radio player. Actually, to support the comfortable driving, the new Civic provides convenience driver seats with additional heating system. The body of the upcoming Honda Civic is designed for luxury. The rear wing is added to give sportier look toward the new Civic. Furthermore, the manufacturer claimed that the new Honda Civic for 2014 has lighter body. The body weighs less than 1,200kg. The most powerful Honda Civic type will be officially released in 2014. Europe will be the most potential contingent to sell the new 2015 Honda Civic. The Honda Japan manufacturer stated that the new Civic is expected to be offered for £31,000.


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