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2015 Honda Ridgeline Redesign Concept

2015 Honda Ridgeline Redesign Concept | Reviewed by cars2015 on | Rating: 4.5

2015 Honda Ridgeline that is predicted to use 3.7 L engine system with 6-speed automatic transmission will be released in mid or late of 2014.

2015 Honda Ridgeline is the next generation of Honda Truck for future. Honda is well-known as best auto manufactures that always produce cars and motorcycle to all countries in the world. Actually Honda doesn’t tell about the new concept, release date, and some things about this latest truck yet. From the rumor, it is known that this truck will be released at late of 2014 and it is called as the 2015 model of the Honda Truck. Because of there is no clear information from Honda, All people who want to know more about this truck will get rumor and we still can’t get the fact. Most people just can predict what will be done by Honda in this new truck. Although we don’t know what will be done by Honda, we can try to analyze what will be done in this truck.

2015 Honda Ridgeline Redesign 2015 Honda Ridgeline Redesign Concept

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Engine Prediction of 2015 Honda Ridgeline
Again, we don’t have idea about 2015 Honda Ridgeline. What can we do is just analyzing what have been done by Honda in the previous truck and predicting some things and items that will be used in the next truck. The truck maybe will use 3.7 L engine system. They can put heavy emphasis too in the fuel economy system because fuel economy system is important and a must for all modern truck and car nowadays. Most experts predict that the truck will use 6-speed automatic CVT or VS transmission. How about the exterior and the interior of the latest truck from Honda?

Exterior and Interior of 2015 Honda Ridgeline
The exterior and interior of the latest Honda Ridgeline will be predicted use the same concept of the previous truck. Honda still will play with the same design although there will be some weight reducing in some parts. Aluminum and steel are the most common materials that will be used in the truck. We can’t predict the capacity of the truck and we still can’t predict about the infotainment and safety system in this truck. When we look at some modern trucks, we can find GPS, touch screen navigation system and dual airbags as part of safety system. There is no clear information about the wheel size and some exterior parts of this truck. There are some images that are called as the Honda Ridgeline 2015. The images will give you description about this next truck from Honda. We also don’t know the price of this truck until we are near the release’s date. We must be patient in waiting this new 2015 Honda Ridgeline in the market.


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