2015 BMW 7 Series Facelift Release

2015 BMW 7 series is coming with slimmer and less weight body. This car is called as the most luxury and elegant and sedan class.

2015 BMW 7 Series will become the great news for all people who are fans of BMW 7 series. This car is different from the previous series. BMW always creates best car for all the customers in all places in the world. The new BMW 7 series will be made in slimmer body because the new generation of BMW 7 series will cut some weight of this car. There are different materials that will be used in this new BMW 7 series.

2015 BMW 7 Series Facelift 2015 BMW 7 Series Facelift Release

About the New Weight of 2015 BMW 7 Series

Like it is said above, this new BMW 7 series will come with slimmer body and less weight than the previous car. According to some news reports, the BMW 7 series will be made from the mix of carbon fiber part with aluminum. For the roof of this car, you will find CFRP as the best material that will give different style in this car. Some people predict that this car will have weight 1900kg or less from that. Some other experts say that this car will be made with 1670kg only. This 2015 BMW 7 series will be made as the most dynamic luxury sedan in the world and this car will show their aggressive and ambitious power. This car will be made in 5010mm for the length. The width is 1815 mm and the height is 1425 mm.

2015 BMW 7 series Technical Specification
Of course this car will not only offer slimmer and less weight body. You better check the technical specifications of this car too. Actually the BMW 7 series offers various types of engines but the newest BMW 7 series will use 6-cylinder with diesel and petrol that will be used in two types of engine system, 4.4 L with V8 engine system that will produce 450Hp and 6.0L with V12 petrol engine that will produce bigger HP. BMW also prepares 4.4 L with twin turbo V8 engine system. The interior and exterior of this car are made in very luxury and all things inside this car will make people feel so proud when they drive this car. For all of you who are interested to buy this car, you must be patient. You can see this car next year at Paris Motor Show 2014. BMW doesn’t release the price yet so we don’t know the real price of this car. You can search the top competitors of this car when you really want to compare the car performance and also car design. It is great to have slimmer 2015 BMW 7 series for your future car.


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