2015 Honda Fit Redesign and Release Date

With the stunning and fuel efficient engine, 2015 Honda Fit is ready to give the best satisfaction for you. For addition, the interior is also comfortable enough for you.

The new car from Honda that is the 2015 Honda Fit can also be called as Honda Jazz for some people. This car will have a better performance and also can be more eco friendly. The imitative of creating the eco friendly car is the earth dream of Honda, the car is supported with the fuel saving engine and transmission. There are only little improvement of the appearance of this car because Honda is not likely to make complete overhaul of this car to be similar with what Honda did to improve the Civic and Accord. However, the new Honda Fit has the great improvement of the engine and transmission that will make this car can run quicker but with the less fuel consumption.

2015 Honda Fit Redesign 2015 Honda Fit Redesign and Release Date

Roaring Engine of 2015 Honda Fit

This new 2015 Honda Fit has 4-cylinder engine that all new has 1.5 the direct injection, the engine is combined with the continuously variable of automatic transmission or the CVT that will boost up the speed but also make it to be more fuel efficient. This new car from Honda has the estimation that this car will be 15% quicker but 10% more fuel efficient. The car could be 15% quicker than the previous model with its five-speed automatic transmission, and can be 10% more fuel efficient with the gas mileage. The CVT of this car works perfectly to make the engine can rum responsive and smoother. The engine could make 125Hp and the 112 lbs-ft of torque is the expectation of the car. Besides, the car also employed the mass EGR, the high tumble port, the two-stage relief oil pump and piston rings low tension. Furthermore, the Honda Fit 2015 with its idle stop engine will save the more fuel consumption. This engine idle stop will shut off the engine in the stoplight, and that will make the more fuel efficient.

Come with Comfy Interior
The interior of this new car from Honda has reconfigurable interior and the more flexible interior and also it offers the more spacious room efficiency. That interior simply cannot to be matched by any other entrant of other cars. The spacious interior is called as the magic seat because it gives the fit astonishing and also the generous cargo space. The design of the 2015 Honda Fit allows the back seat to fold into some of different positions, include both the backward and the forward. Besides, this car has automatic model that come with paddle shifter to get the sportier feeling, along with the optional navigation system touch screen and the better audio connectivity.


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