2015 VW GTI Release Date and Review

Friday, July 5th, 2013 - Volkswagen

The 2015 VW GTI would have great performance since it has turbocharged engine, 2.0 liters in line with 4 DOHC premium fuel. Moreover the design of GTI is based on 7th generation of Golf so that if you love Golf, you would love GTI.

The 2015 VW GTI is the next generation of golf. In fact, the car itself is based on the 7th generation Golf. The bold design about this car is the next level of Golf with many upgraded features and mod. Unfortunately the 2015 VW GTI is not for sale in the United State until late 2014. Volkswagen put something interesting to this car. The GTI has front end grip and also great tail that stays planted. In order to give comfort and easy driving, the GTI is embedded with stability control system that is always enabled. Moreover to ease the driver during hitting the accelerator, GTI accelerator is controlled electronically so that the driver can accelerate it smoothly. The 2015 VW GTI uses new quick and progressive steering rack that has ability of 2.1 turns lock to lock. This feature would make the GTI becomes more balance and to avoid lost control. The test drive of GTI held on the squirrelly hill road on France prove that the feature work well.

2015 VW GTI Release Date 2015 VW GTI Release Date and Review

The Visual of 2015 VW GTI

Even though the car based on Golf, don’t underestimate the performance. 2015 VW GTI is way more aggressive performance and visual body kit. The body kit is embedded with dual exhaust outlets, sport suspension, red colored brake calipers, smoked taillight covers, a single rear spoiler, and also one rear diffuser with large front intakes. The new GTI uses redder accent color with aluminum wheels that are 17 inch. To the inside, you would see chunky cabin, cloth sport seats with plaid pattern, stainless steel pedals, one black headliner, unique trim and instrumentation, and the last is a single GTI special shift knob.

See under the Hood of 2015 VW GTI
Then if you open the hood, I bet you would be amazed. The 2015 VW GTI Europe edition can push you with 220 hp and 258 lb/ft of torque. Thanks to the engine system that use turbo charged, 4 cylinders and direct injected 2.0 L so that it can give such massive performance. Moreover there is an issue that US edition of GTI has stringer power with additional 20 hp and more 51 lb/ft of torque. Well, the descriptions of the car like what you have read before are the proofs that this seventh generation of the well known Golf VW series is able to exceed your expectation. Once again, this car series seems to be able to fulfill everything desired by its fans. That is why it is really normal for this car to be highly recommended.

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