2015 Audi S4 Avant Release Date

Tuesday, August 20th, 2013 - Audi

After officially released the previous series, a lot of rumors circulating about the 2015 Audi S4 release date.

2015 Audi S4 Avant 2015 Audi S4 Avant Release Date

2015 Audi S4 has had its debut in the last New York Auto Show. According to that event, it is clear that the company is concentrating on fulfilling and accomplishing the desires of the costumers in the market which expect for something more stunning and more complete for their city ride. This innovation is meant to be a sedan. As a sedan, you should not doubt about its appearance which is totally elegant. Even though this is meant to be an elegant sedan, you can still count on to its performance because you are going to be served with the most delightful power of its engine. There will be the maximum power of 329hp from this sedan which is produced by 3.0-liter V6. Besides, you can also get the 325lb-ft of torque for such kind of engine.

2015 Audi S4 Changes 2015 Audi S4 Avant Release Date

2015 Audi S4 gets refined

Such quality of engine is going to be able to lead you to run this 2015 Audi S4 to 2,900 rpm which means that this innovation is totally ready to join the competition of sedan in its class. Besides, you are also going to be able to enjoy the stunning appearance of this innovation since this is meant to be so. Visually, you can see that this sedan is really good looking. There are also some improvements which are attached on this innovation to get the better quality than its previous versions. Some of the improvements are the change of the headlight. This is now meant to have a slight ripple on its edges. There will also be the change for its taillights which is design to be the combination of the xenon homogeneous bands of LED.

2015 Audi S4 Interior 2015 Audi S4 Avant Release Date

2015 Audi S4’s exterior and interior
Along with its exterior, the interior of this mid-size sedan is also meant to give you the more satisfaction in ridding this innovation. It has been refined with the new steering wheels which are chromed in inlay and shiny look. For the seats, you can simply have it even more comfortable than any other sedan could have since it is covered by the most qualified leather and those are designed to be sporty. Besides, the advanced features on the dashboard will give you the easier way in operating this sedan. Any rate of the price for this sedan is going to be just reasonable since this 2015 Audi S4 is worth it. By then, save your budget right from now and park this sedan in your garage next year.

Summary: 2015 Audi S4 has the better quality than its previous versions. It has been refined here and there so this is ready to compete next year.

2015 Audi S4 Release Date 2015 Audi S4 Avant Release Date

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