2015 Toyota Prius Plug In Spy Shots

After officially released the previous series, a lot of rumors circulating about the 2015 Toyota Prius release date.

2015 Toyota Prius is the answer from Toyota for the new hybrid car. Actually today most of automaker will create hybrid car because hybrid car offers fuel economy system and also friendly to the environment. Because of this reason, Toyota also offers new Toyota Prius for all people in the world. Toyota tells that there are lots of benefits that people will get from this car. There are some new features that you can find in this car. When you really want to know what is new from this car, you can search some reviews about this car in some sites. By reading the review, you will know more the detail information about this car why this car is classified as the best car for you and your family.

2015 Toyota Prius Plug In 2015 Toyota Prius Plug In Spy Shots

2015 Toyota Prius Specification

2015 toyota prius is 4-door car with front wheel drive system. You will find 1.8 L and 4 cyliner engine hybrid system. This car uses CVT automatic and this car can produce 98HP and also 105 lb ft. This car is suitable for 5 passengers. Because of this car is hybrid car then the engine type is gas or electric I4. The fuel system that is used in this car is electronic fuel injection. The transmission that is used in this car is CVT transmission system. The weight of this car is 3042 lbs. You need to check the features and also the safety system of this car before you buy this car.

2015 Toyota Prius Features
Toyota Prius is completed with AM and Fm stereo and also MP3 player. There are 6 speakers for you. When we look at the exterior, we will just find LED tail lamp, tires for all seasons, 15 inches alloy wheel, window wiper and some other exterior features. When we enter this car, we will find best fabric material for all seats, bucket seats, adjustable seat, active headrest, information center display to know more about distance, fuel consumption, trip distance, fuel economy and some other things. You can also find keyless button, dual compartment glove boxes and some other things. There is no information about the price for this car yet. It means you must wait for the price first. You can search the picture of this car in some sites now. There will be some other features from this car that you must know. For you who really want to save your fuel and keep your environment in good condition, you better order for this 2015 toyota prius and then feel better with this car.

Summary: 2015 Toyota Prius is the best choice for all people who need best hybrid car with fuel economy system and best features inside the car or in the exterior part of this car.


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