2015 VW Tiguan TDI and Diesel Announced

Saturday, September 14th, 2013 - Volkswagen

After officially released the previous series, a lot of rumors circulating about the 2015 VW Tiguan release date.

2015 VW Tiguan Announced 2015 VW Tiguan TDI and Diesel Announced

There are most people that are waiting for the release date of 2015 vw tiguan. Most people really wait this car because this car is very special. There are some rumors that this car will be released in late of 2014. There is no clear information about it but when we search in some sites, we will find detail information about the engine system, the design and the other features of this car. Some people say that Volkwagen Tiguan will be offered in hybrid version too so people who really want to save more fuel and money can buy the hybrid version.

2015 VW Tiguan Design

2015 vw tiguan will be offered with three door coupe. This car will use short or long wheelbase. You can choose standard Tiguan model that will use additional side window, longer rear doors and larger cabin. For you who want to choose sporty model of VW Tiguan, you will find flatter rood and also rakish tailgate. There will be some changes that you can find in the new VW Tiguan. Although there is no clear information about some changes that will be done for this car, people really know exactly that this car will be different from the previous version or model. The safety features will become the main focus for this car. People must feel safe and comfortable when they drive this car.The design will influence the speed of this car so, it is important for Volkswagen to always care the design and increase the speed of this car.

2015 VW Tiguan Engine System

When we talk about car’s performance, it is not only related with design but it will be related with the engine system. How about the engine system for this car? This car will use 1.4 and 1.8 L engine system with petrol choice. By using petrol engine this car will produce 140 until 220 HP. You who don’t want to use this petrol engine, you can choose the diesel engine system. You can choose 1.6 and 2.0 L TDI engine system that will produce 110 until 204 GP. Which one that you will choose? You can also choose the hybrid version and the new BlueMotion variant as the best choice for you. We better wait the end of 2014 for the coming of this car. We will see the clear price for this car later. For you who are interested to buy 2015 vw tiguan, you better wait this car until the end of 2014.

Summary: 2015 vw tiguan will be offered in various engine options. You who like hybrid version of Bluemotion variant, you better order this car start from the end of 2014.

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