VW Scirocco 2015 Concept Announced

Monday, September 23rd, 2013 - Volkswagen

After officially released the previous series, a lot of rumors circulating about the VW Scirocco 2015 release date.

VW Scirocco 2015 Concept VW Scirocco 2015 Concept Announced

It is great news for all of you who want to know about new vw scirocco 2015. There are some sites that have already discusses about the coming of this new Volkswagen Scirocco. The next generation of VW Scirocco will be introduced in 2015. All people in US will be able to see the new Scirocco in the end of 2014 or in early 2015. For all people who live in Europe, you can start to buy this car based on the previous generation of VW Golf. The first Scirocco was introduced in 1989. We can find limited source when we search about the power engine or the features of this car. We just can predict what will be used in the new Scirocco. We can also compare with the previous car and see the detail changes in the new VW Scirocco.

VW Scirocco 2015 Engine System
There is no clear information whether this vw scirocco 2015 will use different engine like what is used in the previous car or not. There are some changes in the engine system and maybe in the transmission that is used in the car. The important thing is that the new car will be faster than the previous car. This sport compact car is front wheel drive vehicle type. When we see the 2009 Scirocco, we will find 2.0L with TSI engine system that will produce more than 261 Hp and also 258 lb ft. It means in the new car, we will find bigger HP too. The transmission that is used in the 2009 VW Scirocco is 7-speed automatic transmission.

VW Scirocco 2015 Body Style
The new VW Scirocco will be made in different design than the previous model. You will find sharp looking with front bumper that will make this car looks aggressive. You never need to worry with the interior features. You will find best interior design and you will find bigger storage space inside this car. Some parts inside this car are made from plastic but it will not reduce the aesthetic and the value that you will get from the interior of this car. The exterior of this car will be made in very good style too. The exterior will make this scirocco looks perfect. There is no clear price for this car. VW doesn’t tell the price for this new Scirocco. You don’t need to worry with the safety features because this vw scirocco 2015 will be offered with best safety features that will make you really enjoy your driving experience.

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