2015 MINI Cooper S and Countryman

Saturday, November 23rd, 2013 - Mini

2015 MINI Cooper is ready to become the next hit when it is really launched. With better performance and sportier look, this new generation of MINI Cooper is sure to gain more popularity.

2015 MINI Cooper S Exterior 2015 MINI Cooper S and Countryman

We all know that automotive is a field which is really dynamic. There will be some new innovations as the time goes by. If a car series has got some great popularity, it is sure that there will be some continuation to the series. This situation happens to the MINI Cooper. The new generation of this car series is only waiting for the time to be released. Rumor has it that 2015 mini cooper will be launched next year. Of course, there will be some new changes you can find from this new generation. Even though the real car has not been launched to public but the prototype has been exhibited during some recent car exhibition. So, are you curious about what will be offered by this new generation of MINI Cooper? Just carry on reading. We are going to see this car in more detail.

2015 MINI Cooper Spy Shots 2015 MINI Cooper S and Countryman

Sportier Look of 2015 MINI Cooper
Starting with the exterior, at a glance, you might not find anything different from the previous series. However, if you take a closer to the 2015 MINI Cooper, you will find how this car is sportier than the preceding version. You can see the exhaust tips have been made with some sporty accent. Do not forget about the high performance tires which will add more aggressive look to the car. If you notice it, the front part of the car is made a little wider than the current MINI Cooper. Well, even though this car has been so well known for its “cute” theme, but at least, now, the people who like to have sporty car can expect something from this car. Do not ever think cuteness and sporty can never combine together. The exterior design of this car has proven that it is totally possible to create something awesome from such combination.

2015 MINI Cooper Interior 2015 MINI Cooper S and Countryman

2015 MINI Cooper and Its Performance
About the interior, well, it is quite unfortunate since there is barely any change you can find compared to the previous version. So, we are not going to talk about it. Instead, we are going to talk about the specifications of this car in terms of how it can provide the performance. Starting with the car, the power is expected to be emitted from an engine made with turbocharged three-cylinder technology. At its greatest performance, as much as 181 horsepower can be produced. Six-speed manual transmission will remain but you can also have the choice for the automatic one. Well, it seems that once again, this car series will become a hit soon enough. Just wait until 2015 MINI Cooper is really launched to the market.

Summary: After officially released the previous series, a lot of rumors circulating about the 2015 MINI Cooper release date.

2015 MINI Cooper Dashboard 2015 MINI Cooper S and Countryman 2015 MINI Cooper S Rear Angle 2015 MINI Cooper S and Countryman

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