Toyota Fortuner 2015 Review and News

Monday, November 4th, 2013 - Toyota

After officially released the previous series, a lot of rumors circulating about the Toyota Fortuner 2015 release date.

Toyota Fortuner 2015 Review Toyota Fortuner 2015 Review and News

Toyota seems to continue the existence of Toyota Fortuner by producing the new Toyota Fortuner 2015. Through this new prototype, Toyota expects reaching larger target consumer and target market. The new Toyota Fortuner does not only come with new body design but also some other major and minor improvements. The new Toyota Fortuner for 2015 will be available mostly in Asia which is known as the most prospectus place for Toyota Fortuner since several years ago. To know more about the upgraded Toyota Fortuner, here we give you the latest spy review.

Toyota Fortuner 2015’s Major and Minor Improvements

The new Toyota Fortuner is claimed having remodeled body for both exterior and interior. Basically, the exterior gets more improvements rather than the interior. The major improvements for the exterior are clearly seen in the face lifted body and improved headlights and taillights. The new Toyota Fortuner for 2015 is equipped with upgraded front fascia including the entrance door grille. Both front and back bumpers are also improved following the other improvements. Now, the new Toyota Fortuner is much more interesting and aggressive. The body sides are redesigned for better aerodynamic system to enhance the speed and swift movement. For the interior, Toyota seems to give minor improvements. According to the spy shoots, the new Toyota Fortuner 2015 has integrated cabin. The cabin is designed for more space. The leg room is improved as well as the head room. Besides, some new features are also added to support better performance of the new Toyota Fortuner SUV.

Toyota Fortuner 2015 Interior Toyota Fortuner 2015 Review and News

What Toyota Technical Center Australia Says about Toyota Fortuner 2015
Since Toyota Fortuner is one of the most demanded and best selling Toyota prototypes around Asia, Toyota Technical Center Australia, (TTCAu) which is responsible towards Toyota Fortuner, claims that the new Toyota Fortuner is much better than the previous series. According to TTCAu, 2015 Toyota Fortuner will use three types of engine option. The first engine option is 3.0-liter. This engine can provide 163 horsepower. The second engine option is 2.7-liter. This engine can develop 160 horsepower. Meanwhile, the last engine option, which is 2.5-liter, can produce 144 horsepower. Each prototype will run on both automatic and manual gear box. The consumer can decide the type they want. Instead of the three engine options, TTCAu also states that Toyota Fortuner for 2015 is a mid-size SUV which has plenty improvements for better performance compared to the other mid-size SUVs which are available in Asia market. The consumers should be proud with it. Considering the major and minor improvements, the new Toyota Fortuner is expected to attract more consumers, particularly in Asia market. Besides, according to TTCAu, the new Toyota Fortuner 2015 has better performance and quality than the other mid-size SUVs in the same class.

Toyota Fortuner 2015 is claimed having various improvements both major and minor. Besides, the new technology is also employed to support better performance and quality.

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